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3rd Grade


Third Grade Information


Language Arts

The reading program emphasizes the development of oral language, phonics, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.

In writing third graders learn the various steps of the writing process as they continue to master paragraph writing and begin their progression into multiple paragraph writing.


Third grade students learn:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts
  • Place value to hundred-thousands
  • Operations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Telling time and time-elapsed problems
  • Operations involving Money
  • Simple fraction operations with like and unlike denominators
  • Measurement (introduction to customary and metric systems)
  • Geometry (perimeter and polygon names)
  • Problem-solving skills

Social Studies

In social studies students learn about:

  • Geography
  • American Indians
  • Community history (the history of Upland)
  • Government and Citizenship
  • American symbols (national/local symbols; landmarks; songs of liberty and efforts to preserve our freedoms)
  • Understanding Economics (relationship between workers and consumers)


Units of study include:

  • The roles of living things (relationships among living things, their adaptations, and the environment in which they live);
  • Sun, moon and Earth (comparing Earth to the moon; motions of Earth and the moon and the effects of these motions);
  • Matter, Energy, and Forces; and
  • Natural Resources (air, water, and land).

Physical Education

Third graders work on skill development, fitness, cooperation, group games, and sportsmanship.

Field Trips

  • Discovery Center-STAR Lab Planetarium (on campus) 


A weekly homework packet includes daily home reading, spelling, and math. Homework is due at the end of each week. Any unfinished daily classwork is expected to be completed and returned the next day.

Pepper Tree Third Grade Information

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