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Mrs. Cathie Rusk

Mrs. Cathie Rusk

Cathie Rusk

Homework Tips

Four weeks of school have already gone by, we've established our routine, and we are in full swing.  I do have some helpful hints for homework:

  • Listen to you child read the comprehension story out loud during the week.  When it is time to do the comprehension questions allow them to complete them on their own and then please check their answers. If they missed a question, please encourage them to go back into the story to find the answer.  We do not go over these questions in class. If they are not checked at home home then your child is missing the opportunity to get the feedback and support from you they need when it comes to reading comprehension.
  • Look over the math problem of the week with your child.  Sometimes these problems have certain limitations to performing the task and require multiple steps. Ask your child to verbalize what he/she believes should happen first and give you the reason why.  Of course, our goal is not to give them the answers but to help guide them into using the skills they have been learning in school since kindergarten and applying those skills when solving a problem.  Ask your child: Did you complete the task?  Did you follow the directions for completing the task? Is your answer reasonable?  These steps will help your child to become a critical thinker and to learn to evaluate the quality of their own work.

Thank you!


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