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Kindergarten Teachers

Brooks, Michele
Glaspell/Scheuerman, Mrs.
Primo, Niki
Simons, Melody
Stoll, Jeannie



Kindergarten Information

Supply List

Language Arts/Reading/Writing

It is the goal of the Pepper Tree kindergarten team to promote a lifelong appreciation of reading. We provide experiences with quality literature and use a variety of approaches that unlock the meaning of the printed word. Throughout the year, we build a foundation of phonemic awareness skills while teaching explicit, systematic phonics.  We create an environment that meets each child's individual needs.

Several of our kindergarten goals for the end of the year are:

  • Know all letter names and sounds and apply this knowledge to reading simple sentences;
  • Know how print works when looking at a book;
  • Identify the basic facts and ideas after reading or hearing a  story; 
  • Write phonetically-spelled words and sentences that are legible.
  • Can segment and blend words.
  • Read color words.
  • Writes first and last name with correct formation.
  • Reads 27 kindergarten sight words.
  • Children will write informational, opinion, and narrative stories/sentences.


Math concepts are introduced in a concrete manner using manipulatives and other hands-on approaches.  Math skills are promoted through everyday experiences and interaction with the environment.

Skills and concepts that we focus on during the year include:

  • Sort, pattern, and graph using objects and pictures;
  • Children will write to 30 with correct formation.
  • Problem solving more than one way.
  • Explore numbers to 100;
  • Demonstrate understanding of concepts of time using calendars clocks;
  • Understand simple addition and subtraction problems;
  • Compare two or more sets and identify which set is equal to, more than, or less than the other two sets.
  • Compose and decompose numbers to 20.
  • Identify and describe two and three geometric shapes.

Social Studies

The purpose of our social studies curriculum is to enable the kindergarten child to understand their world and their place in it.

We explore the following concepts during the year

  • Learning to work together;
  • Citizenship;
  • Problem solving; 
  • Respect for others;
  • Children will learn about American symbols.
  • Children will learn about special holidays and traditions.
  • Now and long ago (present and past).


Our program uses hands-on experiences allowing students to construct their own meaning and knowledge about their world. They are encouraged to observe, communicate and compare using the scientific processes in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.  Units include comparisons of animals, life cycles of butterflies and plants, the five senses.

Music and Art

Our art and music programs are integrated with our core curriculum and the various themes we present throughout the year.

In art we focus on fine motor development and creative expression through a variety of media. Our team feels that the fine and performing arts are a vital part of each child's educational experience.


Physical Education

Large motor and locomotor skills are the focus of our physical education program. We give the children opportunities to jump, hop, skip, develop ball skills and improve basic balance and coordination skills. The rules of fair play, cooperation and problem solving are central to all of our P.E. activities.

Special Events

Usually several field trips are planned during the school year which are directly related o units of study.

In the past, trips have included:

  • Visiting the Cal Poly pumpkin patch;
  • Amy's Farm; and 
  • Mt. SAC field trip