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Day Care Coordinator

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RSP Services

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Special Programs

Educational Programs and Services

Pepper Tree offers a variety of special services for students including:


Students who are GATE identified are presented with opportunities during the school day to explore problems and situations that do not necessarily have one correct answer.  Students are expected to generate a variety of high quality answers and debate both sides of an issue.

At the elementary level, students in grades 3-6 are clustered in classrooms with GATE certified teachers who are trained in differentiated instructional strategies.  For more information about GATE, please visit the Upland Unified School District website.

RSP Services

RSP stands for Resource Specialist Program. RSP programs are a form of special education available to students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, who are having trouble in one or more areas of classroom learning. If you feel your child needs RSP services, please contact the school.

504 Plans and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

Students with disabilities are entitled to a 504 Plan, which must be requested in writing and approved by the school.  504 Plans that contain any medical component must include a written health care plan from the students' doctor.

Parents must request an IEP evaluation in writing.  Federal law only requires schools to evaluate students' needs.  The school is not required to provide IEP services to students who do not qualify for services.

Broken LegHome Hospital

Children who are unable to attend school due to an extended illness may be eligible for the home hospital program. 

Students must provide a doctor's note as to when the student may return to school.  Students in the home hospital program receive in-home services from a teacher.

Homeschool Program

This service is provided through the District office, but homeschooled students meet with their teacher on the Pepper Tree campus weekly.  For more information about the homeschool program, please contact the District Office at 909-905-1864.

Before and After School Care

Pepper Tree offers a before and after school day care program.  The hours are 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to participate in activities such as sports, crafts, singing, puppetry, etc.  A study time and snack time are also provided.

Contact the day care office at 909-949-7536 for availability and monthly fee schedule.

Information About Reduced Lunch Prices Programs

Please visit Upland Unified School District website for more information.

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