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5th Grade Teachers
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Emily Donohoe Teacher
Sara Ries Teacher
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5th Grade


Students will use notebooks and assignment books. Organization and responsibility are stressed through the use of these tools.

Please note:

  • Students will write all homework (which includes unfinished class work, spelling, home reading, and projects) into the assignment book.
  • Students will bring a weekly report/letter home on Mondays to keep you apprised of his/her work habits and behavior. Please sign and return these with your child within one or two days.
  • Students will keep all work for a unit or chapter and turn it in altogether for a daily work grade. (DO NOT THROW STRAY PAPERS AWAY)
  • Students are expected to make up assignments missed when absent unless an Independent Study has been arranged ahead of time. NOTE: Independent Studies are only given for five or more days of absence and must be arranged prior to the absences.
  • Homework should take approximately one hour per night.  We will be working with students on using class time well and planning ahead for long term assignments.

Fifth Grade Curriculum


A variety of resources will be used including novels, textbooks, short stories, newspapers, etc.  Emphasis will be on reading standards for word work and vocabulary, reading fluency, comprehension skills and strategies.  An emphasis is also put on home reading and grouping for instruction.

Language Arts

The Six Traits of Writing will be taught in depth throughout the year.  These traits include word choice, writing fluency, voice, ideas,  conventions, and organization.  There will be a special emphasis on persuasive writing, expository writing, poetry, and responding to literature.  Grammar and spelling will be taught weekly as well.

Social Studies

United States history and geography are studied beginning with the first Americans and continuing through the Revolutionary War.  Students will also use an atlas to complete weekly geography questions.


Topics covered this year will include:

  • Solar System
  • Weather
  • Water Cycle
  • Living Things
  • Matter and Energy


Some chapters will be taught whole class, but most will be pre-tested to group for instruction.  Math strands from the California Standards will be covered.

Physical Education (P.E.)

Students will participate in the P.E. program with the P.E. instructors one day a week and classroom teachers two other days a week.

Art and Music

Art and music teachers will come the last six weeks of the school year.   In addition, art lessons will be taught by classroom teachers throughout the year.


Band starts in the fall.  Students will leave regular class to attend on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons for 30 minute sessions.

Regular Weekly Assignments

  • Wednesday: Daily Geography(DG) questions/Problem of the Day
  • Thursday: Home Reading Log two entries, one page per week

Special Assignments

  • Book Projects ( one per month)-see schedule for specifics
  • Research assignments ( usually two per year- done mainly at school)


Field Studies:

  • Quality West Wing-Corona
  • Walk Through the American Revolution
  • Science Assembly
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