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What if my child forgets his/her lunch?

When a student forgets their lunch, we don't just give them Salad Bar. They can "charge" a hot lunch, but it will need to be paid back  $2.75. They are allowed to "charge" 2 times, and then they get the "Emergency Lunch" (white milk, 1 fruit and 1 vegetable). This is the same procedure used if a student (who normally eats Hot Lunch) doesn't have enough money -- they can "charge" 2 times, and then they get the Emergency Lunch. This is a District Policy (to prevent students from thinking they can just get Salad Bar, and won't have to pay for it). Also, checks should be made out to: UUSD and write the Student's Full Name and 4-digit Number in the Memo section.       
Lunches brought in after school starts will be placed on a tabled in the office where they will be taken to the lunchroom for students to pick up. We do not interrupt classes to deliver lunches. 

Parents may eat only with their child in the quad.  Please do not bring food for students other than your own.

Food Services

General Food Services Information

Food Allergies

If your child has severe peanut or other food allergies, it is your responsibility to let the school nurse know prior to your child starting at Pepper Tree.

Lunch Prepayment by Check

Lunch accounts can be prepaid by sending a check made payable to "Pepper Tree Elementary School" to the school with your child.

Be sure to write your child's full name and 4 digit lunch number on the note section of your check.

Information About Reduced Lunch Prices Programs and Online Lunch Payment Options

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School Rules At Lunch Time

  • Students will walk to the lunch line and wait in line in the order they arrive.  Students giving cuts will go to the end of the line with the student cutting into line.
  • Students will sit at their assigned tables and use appropriate table manners and voice.
  • Students will be responsible for cleaning their eating area.  They will then raise their hands and wait in their seats to be excused to throw away trash and walk to the playground.
  • Students will talk out problems with peers, walk away from the problem, or seek assistance from an adult on duty.
  • All directions given by any adult will be followed the first time given.
School Lunch Prices

Meal Prices


Lunch  $2.75
Lunch - Reduced  $0.40
Milk*  $0.35


 *Milk can be purchased by students who  bring their lunches.


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