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Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs.
Switchfoot Nov. 1st.
Switchfoot Nov. 1st.
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Tim enjoying San Diego
Monthly Calendar

Tim Collier

Homework for 1/017 Thursday

Math: P107-8 all , please return/signed CH. 5 test; #24  

Read: 20 min. Lit. Circle book meetings next week: Tues: Ivan & A dog called homeless, Ret/signed "Secret Message" test taken last Friday: #1,4,12,17,19,24,26

Due tomorrow: Scholastic News Mag. 1-7-19 edition...quiz whiz taken tomorrow in class

Readworks: Famous African American-MLK Quiz taken

Achieve 3000: "Carrying on the Message" completed 2 blue ribbons done for ELA & Math


Cursive #16 done 20 minute worth! MINIMUM!


WLR/M4T #15 Quiz: ret/signed: 12,24,26  TEST tomorrow on #16, study for it!


SS: Ch. 3 study guide completed for pg. 143 Questions & answers for #1-7, 9, 10-13

Vocabulary Quiz taken today will be on your desk tomorrow, Ch 3 L1-2 words.  ret/signed next Tuesday!



Homework for 1/16 Wednesday

Math: Lesson 6.2 P105-6 all.   Return/signed ch. 5 math test still missing: 1,4,12,17,24,26


Read: 20 min. of reading.  Lit. Circle groups meeting tomorrow: Flying Solo & Honey  Bring you books and worksheets

ret/signed "The secret message" test.  HOME READING LOGS: 2 log entries due Thur.


SS: study quizlet for vocabulary quiz tomorrow!  Lesson 1&2 only  

Lesson 4 should be done and corrected by now!


Root Jr. word: DIS quiz will be tomorrow, use quizlet to practice

Homework for 1/15 Tuesday

Math: Started Ch. 6 Fractions today, P103/4 6.1   Return math ch. 5 test by tomorrow with signature

Read: 20 min. 2 log entries by Thurs.  ret/signed "secret message" test taken Friday. 

Lit circle groups meeting Thursday: Flying Solo & Honey groups

BOOK orders due Friday for this month if ordering!


SS: Ch. 3 Lesson 4 worksheet completed from classroom time!  Vocabulary quiz on L1&2 on Friday, use quizlet to prepare.


Root Jr. Dis words: worksheet completed from class time: quiz on Thursday! 20 minutes & cursive Week #16


Signed items due by Wednesday: weekly report, grammar quiz, WLR #15 quiz, ch. 5 math test, secret message test

Homework for 1/14 Monday

HW room 23

Math: Ch. 5 math test was returned today.  Please review problems missed and sign by Wed.

Online practice: HW post test & Quiz post test completed.


Reading: 20 minutes, 2 log entries by Thursday.  Selection test on "the secret passage" ret/signed.  1st read for Scholastic News Magazine 1/7/19 edition:  Quiz due this Thursday/ QuizWhiz will be posted by Wed. afternoon.   

Due Friday: Achieve 3000 article called; "Carrying on the Message"  Readworks: "Famous African American-MLK Jr.", 1 SRA, 20 minutes on, WLR #15 quiz taken FRiday is due back WED.


Grammar Quiz : Possessive Nouns taken Friday, return/signed by Wed.

This week: Root Words JR. Dis  quizlet practice has been posted in google classroom

SS: Ch. 3 Lesson 1 worksheet should be completed....Vocabulary quiz  on Lessons 1&2  Friday!  Quizlet to practice on google classroom.

Homework for 1/10 Thursday

1/10 HW

Math: Test tomorrow on Ch. 5, study guide was reviewed today in class and should be signed by parents.  Please return all work for Ch. 5 by tomorrow, practice book pages, study guide and dailywork.   Online practice for test has been posted (optional)

Reading:  20 min.  New home reading log was given for the rest of trimester 2. Ret/signed Reading Comp #4 test, LIBRARY tomorrow, return your books from before break!


SS: Ch. 3 Lesson 2 worksheet should be finished from classroom time.  Vocab. quiz next week on lessons 1&2


Writing: Three things about me writing is due tomorrow! 

WLR/M4T #15 dailywork is due tomorrow, quiz on this, study!


RETURN all signed items, Weekly Report, Mid chapter 5 ckpt., reading comp #4 test

Homework for 1/9 Wednesday

Homework for Jan. 9th:

Math: Study guide started in class needs to be finished for homework if not done: Test will be Friday, Jan. 11th Ch. 5 was only six lessons long, please review with your child any problems they seem to be struggling with. 

Read: 20 min.  TWO long entries are due tomorrow!  All pages read over the break count with our grand total.

SS: 1st read on Ch.3 Lesson 2----do not complete worksheet for this

Grammar: Study for quiz on Possessive Nouns pgs. 41-44

P.E. tomorrow, probably the "miler" testing!  Bring your running shoes!


*****RETURN library books for Friday library time!


Homework for 1/08 Tuesday


Math: P99/100 all   Return/signed the Ch. 5 Mid-chapter Quiz taken before the winter break!  Studyguide tomorrow, test will be on Friday for Chapter 5, only six lessons!

Read: 20 minutes of reading,  2 log entries on Thursday will be due!  Ret/signed Sch. Reading Comprehension #4 Test

Writing: 3 things about myself, three paragraph writing extended due date of 1/11   Finish this please it was due before winter break.

SS: Ch. 3 Lesson 1 worksheet should be ready to correct tomorrow!  


Items due by Friday:

1 SRA completed from classtime, Achieve 3000 "Dogs in Court", Readworks: "An American Leader", RETURN all LIBRARY books by Friday, 20 minutes of, Cursive Week #15,  WLR/M4T #15 due as well....completed from classtime. 

HW Jan 7th!

HW 1/7/2019

Math: MId Chapter 5 checkpoint ret/signed by Wed.   P95/6all  for Lesson 5.5

Read: 20 min.  TWO log entries due Thursday! Ret/signed  Reading Comp #4 Quiz taken before break

SS: Vocabulary completed for Ch. 3 Lessons 1-4 defined.


Make the Switch to Schoolloop!!

I am truly sorry if Remind was a bit excessive with so many text messages for some of you!  I hope switching over to "schoolloop" will help, so you can "one-stop-shop" what the homework will be for the day and what assignments should be finished by Friday.  It was never my intention to annoy or confuse you with using remind, but with only 130 characters, it was a challenge to keep you informed as to the homework, classroom work and announcements.  Please feel free to email me with problems or concerns it you experience them so that you feel comfortable with my communication from school to home.  Thank you for understanding and helping your child reach their full potential.  

Winter Break Reading Challenge!

Holiday Reading Challenge!

Who? YOU!!!  Mr. Collier’s Room 23

What? A reading challenge during the break

When? From December 21- January 7th

Why? To “keep-on-reading” for pleasure!!

How? Read/finish 2 or more books= Grade of A

    Read/finish 1 book= Grade of B

    Read 200 pages (100 weekly) = Grade of C


No responses are required but just be ready to come back to school and show me you met the challenge                                                                        

Home for Dec. 18th, Tuesday

Math: Mid chapter 5 check point Quiz on Lessons 1-3 tomorrow.  We reviewed a "study guide" for students to use tonight in preparation for the Quiz

Lesson 3 & 4 tonight:  Practice book pg. 93 #1-5 only & pg. 95 #1-12 only due tomorrow morning. for 1 blue ribbon this week in Math and Reading.


Reading: 20 minutes minimum, 2 log entries completed before tomorrow please! Since we have Fiesta Day on Thursday, I'm asking for this to be done one day early.  Classroom reading items need to be done before Friday: Readworks: 2 articles: Snow Day Fever & Cold Feet.   Achieve 3000 article: Looking for Food  1 SRA completed. 

*********See Monday for items needing to be returned before Friday with a parent signature.**********


Fiesta Day items can be sent in as long as they do not require refrigeration.  Crock pot items, please send in Thursday morn.

Children are being encouraged to wear "fiesta day" clothing", think Mexican Independence. Spanish dresses, ponchos for boys.  Also there will be a "anti-bullying" assembly from 9:15-10am, they can wear "super-hero" outfits instead. 

HW 12/17

HW 12/17
Math: Ch. 4 math test was returned/review/sign by Wed. 
Ch. 5 mid chapter check point given today, quiz Wed. Lessons 1-3
2 log entries by day because of Fiesta Day


Classroom items due by Friday:

Cursive #14 M-F 20 minutes of practice.

1 SRA completed

2 readworks articles : Snowday Fever & Cold Feet

Achieve 3000 article: Looking for Food

Writing: narrative 3 paragraph essay on "Things you would like your teacher to know" Final Draft on google Doc.


Signed items returned:

SS ch. 2 test 

Ch. 4 math test

weekly report

Grammar quiz on irregular plural nouns

WLR #14 quiz

"Force & Motion" Quiz taken in reading Friday

HW 12/13

Math: test today, just work on factoring problems with

Read: 20 min. Scholastic News Mag. Quiz and Quizwhiz done by tomorrow

Readworks: Happy Holidays  Achieve 3000: Closed for Repairs, 

Cursive due #13

WLR/M4T #14 quiz tomorrow, study for it

Grammar quiz on Irregular Plural Nouns tomorrow, use notes

SS: Ch. 2 test tomorrow, get your study guide signed and return it!  Kahoot if you want on google classroom. 20 minutes of practice each week. 

Current Assignments

Homework for 12/6 Thursday

Math:  Finished up Ch. 4 Lesson 12 today.  P85 #2-4 only (skip backside)

return signed Ch. 4 mid chapter check point quiz please!  Online classroom & quiz should be done already


Reading: 20 min.  Log entries need a parent signature please before Thursday morning.


Signupgenius for fiesta day please!

Classroom work due by Friday 12/6

Classroom items should be finished tomorrow include:

Readworks article: "The disappearing room"

Achieve 3000 article: "Wartime memories" just read the article

1SRA completed for week

Scholastic News Magazine 11/26 edition with "Quiz Whiz" completed from google classroom

Cursive #12 Mon-Fri

20 min. of  Must log into Clever to get credit for assignments done. 

Return Library books for renew or returns


December 19th, 2018

If you signed up on signup genius to bring food, drink or other items, please make sure to have it to the classroom by 10:30.  Set-up crew will be getting the luncheon ready then, while we are on the upper blacktop area doing the "Pinata" by classroom.  Luncheon will be following this activity.  Luncheon crew, please feel free to eat your lunch with us, and thank you in advance for helping out!


Book exchange will be done after lunch recess, 12:20 or so.....please remember to bring your "secret santa" book wrapped in the AM!


Need to know who is ordering a lunch sandwich for FRIDAY's lunch count by tomorrow.  Some forgot to ask if they needed to do this.  If you child goes to daycare at 11:15 am on Friday, they will need a lunch if you aren't picking them up before 12.


HW 12/19

Math: for 20 minutes, factors & multiples.  Quiz taken today for Mid chapter check point Ch. 5

Read: 20 minutes minimum.  Readworks articles done by Fri.  Achieve 3000 1 article: "Looking for Food", 1 SRA completed

Items needing to be returned with parent signatures: WLR #14, SS ch. 2 test, Vocab Quiz L3-5, Grammar quiz on Irregular Plural Nouns, Weekly Report (pink 1/2 sheet),  Force in Motion reading comp. Quiz

Wednesday Minimum Day!

All Wednesday will be considered our district's "minimum day", used to plan and organize our instructional week.  Pick your child up at 1:05 at your designated spot or make arrangements for your child to go to daycare after the dismissal bell rings.

Tim Collier Locker

Items needing to be returned with parent signature 12/14

Please return the following items with a parent signature: 12/14

Weekly Language Review #13 Quiz 

Weekly Report (pink 1/2 sheet)

"IN" quiz taken last week for Root Jr. 

Ch. 4 Math Study guide for test Friday/ret/signed


Ch.. 2 SS studyguide returned/signed!