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The Brooks Family New Puppy (Zoey)
The Brooks Family New Puppy (Zoey)

Michele Brooks

Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to schoolloop!!  I hope you find my website useful and informative. click on the link below for some great Kindergarten websites!!  ENJOY!!







Classroom Needs:

25 white handled gift bags (will give sample)-Michael’s has them in packs of 12

(3) packs 12X18 light brown construction paper (found at Lakeshore)

Lakeshore gift card

(3) sheets of green poster board

(4) sheets of red poster board

White duplicating paper – 4 reams


What we’ve done:


Language Arts

November was a wonderful month of activities and learning.  The children worked very hard on their Thanksgiving costumes and enjoyed learning about the First Thanksgiving.  They wrote about being thankful and about being a pilgrim.  The children were very eager to wear their costumes, especially their Native American necklaces on feast day.  The most popular costume was Native American.



In math we continue working on numeral writing, patterning and identifying number sets.  We began looking at groups of numbers and identifying sets that were less (or fewer), equal and greater (or more).  We continue to work on 1 more, 1 less, 2 more, 2 less.  Please practice this skill at home.  2 more, 2 less was a difficult concept to learn and we will continue to review.  Continue to work on correct number formation and orally counting numbers to 30 or higher.



I enjoyed meeting with all of you at conference time.  It is very important that teacher/parents work together to help your kindergarten develop and grow in all academic areas as well as, social development.  Please make sure that you review all skills that your child has note mastered before January.  We move very quickly in Kindergarten.  Also, when journal writing it is important to read my reviews and make changes the following week.  If you have any concerns please make sure you email me or come see me.


DECEMBER- What we are doing

December is one of our busiest months of the year.  We will be learning about many holiday traditions, doing seasonal projects and focusing on our math and language skills. 




We continue looking at numbers and exploring what groups of numbers look like.  We will be making comparisons between groups, sorting them by attributes.  This begins our introduction to Venn Diagrams.  The concept of more, less and equals will be another math focus.  The children often understand the concept of “less” but have difficulty with the language of “fewer”.  Our math curriculum uses the word fewer as well as less.  Please practice making groups of objects and using the following words to describe them, more, equal, fewer, less.  We will also begin learning about solid shapes (cube, cone, sphere and cylinder).  These can be difficult concepts for them, so we spend a significant amount of time of each one.  We will continue to learn about numerals, focusing on 11-20.  Please continue having your child practice numeral formation at home.



Our literature focus this month is The Three Bears by Paul Galdone.  We will be also reading the book Bread, Bread, Bread by Ann Morris.  This book helps us understand that other cultures express things differently, yet all humans are basically the same (i.e. we all eat bread).  We will use our senses to explore each bread and then compare the look, smell, touch and taste of the breads.  We will be looking at breads and countries through the month of December.  As each type of bread is shared, we will be looking at its origin on our world map.



Our Gingerbread House Day is fast approaching.  Each child will be constructing a 3-D gingerbread house made out of frosting, candy and graham crackers.  This is a very fun, hands-on day that helps reinforce the study of three-dimensional objects, such as sphere, cube and cone.  A note went home with homework this week.   Please return ASAP so that I can make sure each child has a parent to help.  If you are unable to come, please ask an aunt, uncle, grandparent, neighbor.  It is very important that each child has an adult to work with them. Directions will begin at 7:50 a.m. and the construction part should only last until 9:00 a.m. or so.   



This year the children will be writing (dictating) a letter to Santa for homework.  This went home with homework this week.   This is a fun activity that helps reinforce the idea that words have meaning and responding to a question.  The children will receive their letters from Santa on the last day of school before winter break.  Please let me know ASAP if you are uncomfortable with having your child “correspond” with Santa.  I will be happy to adapt the activity as needed.  The identity of the Santa’s will remain a secret- shhhhhhhhhh!           That would be ME!  I will be responding to all letters.  Make sure letters are turned in my FRIDAY!






We will be having a celebration of Winter on Friday, December 19th.  We have many fun activities planned.  This will be a minimum day for the school.  Therefore, ALL kindergarten students will attend 7:50-11:15 a.m.    We will begin our day with 5 rotating centers and conclude our day with a holiday video.  If you are interested in volunteering that day please email our room parents or myself.    A reminder note will go home on your Friday folders to what you signed up to donate.  Some of you indicated that you were able to donate items but unable to come to the parent meeting we had.  I assigned items to those people.  If you are unable to donate that item, please let me know ASAP.  An email has already went out indicating your donations.



Everyone is doing a great job returning homework each Friday.  Yeah!  I would like to remind everyone that reading awards are given out at the end of each month.  Each child will receive a reading award and bookmark if they have read a minimum of 30 books in the month.  Most of the children have been reading more than 30 books, but there are a few who have not.  Reading is the best way to further the reading development of your child.  Please make sure you record all the books your child has heard or read themselves.  You can include the child made books and homework books.  It is okay to record the same book more than once if it has been read more than once.



The children have been doing a wonderful job writing in their journals.  Please encourage them to sound out the words themselves, but give them support if they need it.  The only words that should be spelled correctly are the sight words from the word bank ( in the back of the journal).  Of course, if they know how a word is spelled I do not expect them to spell it incorrectly.  We will be working on the Fall Journals through December.  Your child will be bringing home the Winter Journal in January with new writing expectations.



Letters/Themes in December:

December 1-5                  Vv sound, Reindeer Week, 5 senses, more, less, equal, #13, 3D objects

December 8-12                Cc sound, Gingerbread Houses, Polar Express, 5 senses, traditions, more, less, equal, 3D objects, #14

December 15-19               Pp sound, traditions, Winter Celebration, #15



Thursday, December 4               All items for Gingerbread house day due TODAY


Thursday, December 4               REINDEER DAY!!!


Friday, December 5                   Santa letters due back to teacher


December 8-12                          Holiday fair- before and after school. Flyer went home


Thursday, December 11              Gingerbread houses.  They are very fragile and we are sending them home on that day.

Thursday, December 11              Polar Express/PJ day- children will be able to wear their pajamas to school and we will be boarding the                                                 “Polar Express” in class.  A note went home on Friday about this.

Friday, December 19                 Winter Celebration.  Activities begin first thing in the morning. MODIFIED DAY SCHEDULE.  ALL                                                            KINDERS COME TO SCHOOL FROM 7:50-11:15 a.m.


More, less, equals

Read color words



Please talk with your children about the use of our Kindergarten bathrooms.  When a child in class needs to go to the bathroom, I usually ask- “Is it an emergency”.  Many children just like to get out of class and see what the others are doing.  We are not equipped with a bathroom in our class so therefore we have to use k-1 and k-2 bathrooms.  I have been getting many phone calls from k-1 and k-2 teachers that the children come in screaming and running all the way back to the classroom.  Please help by having them use the bathroom before they come to school.  I always remind them at recess but sometimes they forget to go. 


Hope you have a wonderful month ahead!


Mrs. Michele Brooks


Classroom Needs

Please refer to newsletter for classroom supplies

3 green poster board

4 red poster board

lakeshore gift card for supplies

new heavy duty staplers


Kindergarten Team
Kindergarten Team